Strengthen Our Economy

Corporate donations that support the Arts help our local businesses and increases tourism to strengthen our economy.

Your Support Makes All The Difference

You are the reason we can share our passion with incredible audiences. You are the reason we can nurture local artists into international stars. You are the reason we can give back to our schools and communities.

Rainbow Stage is Manitoba’s premier musical theatre company, Canada’s leading not-for-profit musical theatre company, and also Canada’s largest and longest-running outdoor theatre.

You’ve helped us do amazing things throughout our years, and with your support we can do even more.



Imagine the impact of over 10,000 hours of musical theatre education delivered by professional musical theatre instructors. Rainbow Stage is proud to nurture a new generation of talent in our community.

Where Do Donations Go?

Educational Programming
(Children and Youth)

• The Musical Theatre
Conference For Students
• The School Awards Program
• Camp Rainbow


• Community Workshops
• Dance Day
• Community Support

Training Programming
(Artists 16 years and older)

• The Scholarships Program
• The Actors’ Intensive

2019 Revenue $2.9 Million

2019 Revenue

4% Sponsorship


3% Government

  • City – Winnipeg Arts Council – 2%
  • Province – Sport, Culture & Heritage – 1%
  • Federal – Summer Jobs Program


12% Donations and Fundraising

Encore, Pass the Basket, individual and general donations.

81% Earned Income

Ticket sales, concessions, souvenirs.

Special thanks to the City of Winnipeg for their continued support of the facility in Kildonan Park, with a very reasonable lease agreement for theatre and concession use.
$1.00 from every ticket sale also goes into a facility account for repairs and maintenance.

2019 Expenses $2.8 Million

2019 Revenue

2% Fundraising


7% Education and Outreach

Camps, Musical Theatre Conference, School Awards & Scholarships, Workshops, Intensive Training
for Actors.

16% Administration


75% Earned Income Expense

Production, royalties, concessions and souvenirs.

7 full time, 2 part time year round to growing to a team of over 190 for the season and delivering over 10,000 hours of musical theater education delivered by professional musical theatre instructors.


Rainbow Stage is proud to nurture the next generation of theatre talent in our community.