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Hello there,

I just want to say how surprised and appreciative we are about being selected to receive a Rainbow Stage Performance Award – what an honour!!

I opened the letter on Sunday afternoon and kept it a secret so that I could announce it at our Final Choir concert of the year on Monday night. The students were very very excited to be honoured in this way!

I have been attending Rainbow Stage since I was 5 years old – 45 years to be exact and I have only missed a few years of attending. I have taken my own two boys to shows every year since they were 4 years old. Most of my Virden students have not been to Rainbow Stage – so this is a wonderful way to promote the theatre and start new traditions for young people.

The money is very much appreciated. Our audiences weren’t very large with a small cast and a title less known to the general public. When everything was paid we were over $800 in the hole and this amount of money will put us back above zero – makes my principal happy. Our situation I believe is quite unique – I teach only 1/8 time at the high school and fund our shows annually on my credit card – crazy huh?

The biggest thrill for us though was not the money. It was the opportunity to have you kind and enthusiastic theatre experts from Winnipeg at our performance. It was exciting to show you our beautiful theatre and the teamwork we are so very proud of. Thank-you for this extra effort at the end of a long year of travelling to shows – you definitely made the day for these small town kids !!!


Michelle Chyzyk

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