Old World hatreds collide with New World ambitions in STRIKE! THE MUSICAL, an epic story of courage, passion and hope on a collision course with power.

It’s 1919. Brisbane, Seattle, Barcelona – workers demand their share of the post-war pie but big business and big government say “No” to crippling general strikes. But in Winnipeg, the “Chicago of the North,” the entire city shuts down for six weeks and becomes the nation’s battleground for the democratic dream.

Mike Sokolowski and his son Stefan have escaped Europe only to become “enemy aliens” in Canada. But where Stefan finds social justice in the strike, Mike sees a threat to his slave-wage job – his only hope of saving the rest of his family from revolution in Ukraine. When Stefan falls in love with Rebecca, the pro-strike Jewish suffragette, making a deportation target for them all, Mike turns against the strikers and their growing hope of changing the world.

Mining the historic divide between Ukraine’s Jewish and Catholic emigres, STRIKE! THE MUSICAL incorporates the real-life story of New York Jewish leader, Moishe Almazoff, and Ukrainian immigrant everyman, Mike Sokolowski. A warts-and-all portrayal of post-WW1 society rife with anti-Semitism and Bolshevik angst, the musical’s over-arching theme is overcoming one’s personal prejudices towards religion, class and ethnicity.