1st Season

Rena is a singer/songwriter and classically trained pianist who also plays guitar.  She has made a career  of performing on stage in various  night clubs and soft seaters across Canada with full bands as well as a solo artist. She has covered every genre of music from rock, pop, country, jazz and swing.
Some of the highlights of her career include performing with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and playing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival this past year with Juno award winning  band Eagle and Hawk.
Rena has also played various roles in tribute acts including Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac) Frieda (Abba tribute)  and June Carter (Johnny Cash tribute with DJ St. Germaine).  She also has a passion for acting,  has pursued   “extra” work in various Winnipeg  film productions and is looking forward to expanding her talents in that area.

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