Rainbow Stage is proud to be able to offer a more relaxed theatre atmosphere for our family-friendly August production.
On Wednesday, August 14th at 2pm, Rainbow Stage will offer our first Relaxed Performance.


What is a Relaxed Performance?

A relaxed performance is designed to create a more welcoming environment for individuals who may be uncomfortable with the typical theatre atmosphere. The creative team and theatre staff may make some small adjustments to a production to create this relaxed environment.

Who are Relaxed Performances for?

Originally designed to accommodate patrons with disabilities, the relaxed performance setting has become popular around the world for patrons with Autism Spectrum disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, families with young children, first time theatre goers and really anyone who feels they would benefit from a more relaxed theatre experience.
Everyone is welcome to attend a relaxed performance!

What is the difference between a relaxed performance and a regular performance?

Typically, standard theatre etiquette would mean keeping quiet and still during a performance. Most patrons attending a regular performance will be encouraged to wait until intermission or breaks in the performance before getting up to use the restroom, stretch their bodies, or make noise. During a relaxed performance, patrons will have the freedom to move around if they need. This setting also helps those who may make involuntary noises or movements feel more comfortable to be themselves. A relaxed performance also allows parents with children the freedom of knowing they won’t be shushed or asked to keep still during the performance.


The performance itself is unchanged, but there is a more relaxed attitude to noise and movement. Some things that may be adjusted to “relax” the performance outside of audience behavior are things such as: louder sound effects may be softened and some movements/scene changes may be slowed down to allow for easier processing by sensitive patrons.

As part of this initiative, Rainbow Stage has created a Visual Guide that provides a detailed description of what it’s like to visit the theatre. Patrons often find it helpful to review these with the young people they are bringing, prior to attending a performance.


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Prime Plus

Preview Price $50.00
Child Preview Price $50.00
Attending / Care Giver $45.00
Preview Price $40.00
Child Preview Price $38.00
Attending / Care Giver $35.00
Preview Price $25.00
Child Preview Price $23.00
Attending / Care Giver $20.00

*Attending/Care Giver Discount valid with appropriate identification only. Call 204-989-0888 for more info.