Update, Nov 2023

Rainbow Stage is thrilled to be hosting our Musical Theatre Conference for Students once again on May 15 & 16, 2024 for the first time since 2019!
Please email education@rainbowstage.ca to reserve your spot before registration officially opens!


Musical Theatre Conference

Annually at Kildonan Park, Rainbow Stage hosts the Musical Theatre Conference For Students. Geared towards middle and high school aged students, attendees will choose and participate in four of eight unique sessions that cover fundamental aspects of “putting on a show”.

The Musical Theatre Conference For Students introduces participants to a wide variety of departments that all work together to produce a musical. Each year has a specific and new theme.  From design and prop building, to choreography, acting and singing; participants are given insights and resources pertaining to each department’s role, professional process, tricks of the trade and career opportunities.

The Musical Theatre Conference takes place annually in the Spring at Rainbow Stage in Kildonan Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Treaty 1 Territory.

This program was created to connect with high school and middle school students across the city and beyond. The purpose of the Musical Theatre Conference is to cultivate and educate future patrons of the arts, to teach concrete creative and trades skills, and to promote awareness of the opportunities that a career in the arts can present.

This Year

Rainbow Stage is thrilled to be hosting our Musical Theatre Conference for Students once again on May 15 & 16, 2024!
Registration is officially open. Please see our “Sessions” tab to see what classes are available and to choose your classes, and please see our “Registration” tab to register!

Conference Sessions

Click on each session to learn more. Once you register and pay for the conference, you will receive an email with a link to our Session Registration Form!

We believe that everyone can write a song, and this workshop will teach you how! On our own, the thought of crafting an original song can seem intimidating, but in this workshop students will work together as a group to brainstorm ideas and pen the next ground-breaking hit single!
2. IMPROV 101
In this improvisation acting session students will learn how to become a better actor through listening and reacting to their scene partner. Drawing from the basic principles of Improvisation, participants will experience the meaning of ‘acting is reacting’ and ‘never say no’ in a silly and safe atmosphere. Develop your creative voice by learning how to listen harder, react quicker and start letting go of trying to control the circumstances.
In this all-new session, students will learn and apply the basic tools and techniques that painters use to create stage environments to breathtaking effect. Join us and dive into the role that scenic painters play in creating a musical and some of ways that they use texture, colour and dimension to bring a set designer’s idea to fruition.
How to work with your make-up in a musical is an art form unto itself. Whether the story takes place in a certain time period, or it draws on certain character archetypes, make-up is a crucial element that helps transport the audience and suspend disbelief. In this session students will learn about different tools, techniques and tricks-of-the-trade while exploring the multitude of ways make-up can help express characters!
You can learn the formations, rhythms and timings to a dance routine, but what about using movement to tell a story? In this workshop students will learn that communicating story and character through movement is so much more than simply nailing the choreography. Students will use elements of dance technique to create an original movement score that tells a clear story with a beginning, middle and end. It’s time to look past the steps and let the story inform the movement!
When designing costumes for a show, the designer has much to consider: Who are the characters and what is their relationship to one another? What colour is the set? How much movement does the choreography require? In this workshop, using costume pieces and props students will work together to invent new characters and create a costume design to bring them to life.
What’s better than a group of students learning a song and singing together? A group of students learning a song and singing together IN HARMONY! This class is designed for students eager to explore the art of singing together in harmoy. Students will delve into the funamentals of vocal techniques, blending their voices to create harmonious melodies that will captivate audiences!
In this engaging workshop, participants will unleash their creativity as they craft personalized maquettes, small-scale models that bring their imaginative stage concepts to life! Students will learn essential techniques in spatial planning, prop placement, and scenic composition, fostering a deeper understanding of the transformative artistry behind theater production.


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Is there free parking available?

Yes, there is free parking on Kildonan Park roads adjacent to the theatre and in the main parking lot in Kildonan Park. Teachers and students are not permitted to park in the Rainbow Stage staff parking lot.

When do we arrive and where do we go?

Please arrive between 8:00-8:45am and follow signage to sit in the main auditorium. Welcome announcements will be at 8:50 and the first conference session will start at 9:00am.

Should students bring a lunch? Will the concessions be open?

The concessions stands in Rainbow Stage are not open at this time of year. Students and teachers are encouraged to bring their own lunch as the lunch break is only 45 mins.

Is there water available?

Yes. There are coolers with large water jugs placed around the facility for the event. Those attending are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle.

Who is teaching the sessions?

Instructors and Assistants are not engaged until early spring. All Instructors are established and professional teaching artists and Assistants are experienced and professional emerging artists. The majority of the faculty is comprised of Rainbow Stage working professionals and alumni. A complete faculty list will be posted on the Conference webpages upon full confirmation.

How long are the sessions and what happens in them?

Each session is 1 hour. Click on the session description tab to get an overview of each of this year’s sessions.

What do we need to bring?

Please bring a notebook, a lunch and a water bottle. Rainbow Stage is an indoor /outdoor venue, so the weather is definitely a factor. Please check the weather forecast before you come and plan appropriately. Having a few light layers of clothing is a good idea as session areas vary in climate. Comfortable footwear is a must as many areas around the building are concrete. Open toed shoes and sandals are not allowed in back stage areas and are uncomfortable to wear at Rainbow Stage.

Am I allowed to take photos or videos?

Rainbow Stage has a respectful social media policy, which will be shared upon registration and posted around the venue. Picture and video taking is allowable but Rainbow Stage reserves the right to ask individuals to refrain if they are in violation of the policy.

How do I register and pay?

Please go to the how to register section for the Conference registration and payment process. The conference often sells out well in advance. Register today and pay at your earliest convenience to guarantee your spot at the conference.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are not available for this program.

What if it’s raining, is the event cancelled?

No. The event will not be cancelled due to rain or cold weather. There is a contingency plan for rain and most areas are covered.

How Would I Express Interest In Teaching At The Musical Theatre Conference?

Email us at education@rainbowstage.ca to express your interest!

Rainbow Stage is committed to promote equal engagement opportunities by inclusive casting of artists who self-identify as diverse in roles where ethnicity, gender, age, the presence or absence of a disability, or any other ground of discrimination prohibited by law, is not prescribed


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