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The Manitoba Micro-Musical Project For Students

Your Story… Your Creation… Your Musical!

The Manitoba Micro-Musical Project For Students is a new initiative for teachers and students across Manitoba to safely create their own micro-musical with resources and support from Rainbow Stage and professional local artists.

During a time when middle schools and high schools are unable to do their annual musical, the Micro-Musical is an opportunity to express yourselves in a new and safe way!

The Micro-Musical Project offers professional guidance for teachers and students across the province to create their own collective-musical-creation! This project will support teachers with curriculum connections, zoom sessions, support videos (with local professional artists) and documents.

The Micro-Musical Project aims to remove barriers to accessing professional training and guidance for students who may not otherwise have access to arts education and programming. It offers the opportunity for Rainbow Stage to connect with new emerging talent and see new works being formed and created. It also offers the opportunity to have your work viewed by the Artistic Director, the Rainbow Stage team and members of Rainbow Stage’s School Awards Committee.

Musical theatre has always been an evolving art form, and with this project we want teachers and students to push the boundaries of what defines a musical. This project is up to your own interpretation. We want students to create art that represents their inner expression and their ideas during this time of transformation. Students can find inspiration in just about anything…from news stories, fictitious worlds or comedic sketches, to cultural legends and stories from local communities or lives of historic figures. Our goal is for students to be the driving force behind their collective creations and for Rainbow Stage to offer guidance along the way.

We want you to show us what the future of musical theatre can be!

This Year’s Zoom Sessions

Please stay tuned for updates on the 2022 Micro-Musical Project.
Please note: To attend these sessions, you are required to fill out our Registration Form.

Past Projects

MBCI Grade 9The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Inclusion Winnipeg and the Inclusion PlayersMystery in Wonderland
The Heibert FamilyMusic Melee
Kildonan East CollegiateBertrun & Glavin THE MOVIE
Oak Park Musical Theatre ProgramA COVID Line

Stay tuned for more information on the Micro-Musical Project 2022


If you would like to be considered as one of the local artists involved in this project, please send us an email (subject line: Micro-Musical Project Instructors) here: education@rainbowstage.ca


We encourage you to send us what you’ve prepared, no matter the length of your collective creation. Whether you’ve created a 5-minute sketch, a one-act-show or an hour-long musical – we want to see your work!

Will there be a recording of the zoom meetings that I can watch later and/or share with my students during their class periods?
Yes! We will record all Zoom sessions and share them with all teachers that have filled out our Registration Form, whether you were able to attend the session or not.

Is there a fee or cost for this project?

The Manitoba Micro-Musical Project is completely free of charge!

What group sizes can sign up for this project? Is there a minimum/maximum group size?

There are no minimum or maximum group sizes. Individuals, small group sizes and large group sizes are all welcome!

Is there a way to send in questions from students (or teachers/organizers) ahead of time?

Yes! Whether you are able to attend our Zoom sessions or not, you can send in any questions that you or your students might have to tgregory@rainbowstage.ca and they will be answered in the following Zoom session.

What if I register but then I am unable to complete the project with my students?

Can I do this project on my own time? This project can absolutely be completed on your own time. Although we encourage you to send in your creation up until May 28th, 2021, we want you to be able to work on this project on a timeline that works best for you. You can also register to take our free Zoom sessions now and keep this project in mind for the future!

Do we have to write our own music as well?

Our goal with this project is to support you in creating your own micro-musical, so we do encourage you to create your own music! How you create that music is completely up to you (technology, found objects, using pencils are drumsticks, the opportunities are endless).

Rainbow Stage is committed to promote equal engagement opportunities by inclusive casting of artists who self-identify as diverse in roles where ethnicity, gender, age, the presence or absence of a disability, or any other ground of discrimination prohibited by law, is not prescribed