Rainbow Stage is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) and adheres to the Canadian Theatre Agreement (CTA) in collaboration with Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

Rainbow Stage is dedicated to the genre of musical theatre. All those who audition should be prepared to sing, dance and act.

Rainbow Stage’s Manitoba First value plays a large part in our audition process.

As we are dedicated to the development of musical theatre artists, we see great value in having our established artists at all auditions/dance calls demonstrating respect for the process and thereby setting an example of professionalism for the next generation of artists.

Depending on the requirements of each production, Rainbow Stage may cast Equity members, Non-Equity members, Children’s Chorus’, Child Performers, and Community Members.

FAQ’s Auditions


Who can audition?
If you’re new to Rainbow Stage, we will invite you to our General Auditions where you will get a chance to meet our Artistic Director (see “What are General Auditions?”)
If you have previous experience, you may be invited to our Show Specific Auditions (see “What are Show Specific Auditions?”). These auditions have limited space and are chosen by the Creative Team (including the Artistic Director).
Rainbow Stage’s “Manitoba First” value gives priority to Manitoba artists.
*Rainbow Stage is committed to promote equal engagement opportunities by inclusive casting of artists who self-identify as diverse in roles where ethnicity, gender, age, the presence or absence of a disability, or any other ground of discrimination prohibited by law, is not prescribed.
*Accessibility – As Rainbow Stage does not own its own audition space, we endeavor to rent audition spaces that are accessible to everyone in order to audition in person.
What is the “Manitoba First” value and who qualifies as Manitoban?
To provide a showcase and opportunities for Manitoba talent by hiring Manitobans unless (in the artistic discretion of the creative team) a Manitoban qualified and suitable for the role or job does not apply.
To provide nationally recognized training and professional development to young, emerging, mid-career and established Manitoba artists and other theatre professionals.
Who qualifies as Manitoban?
  1. If you are currently a Manitoba citizen (hold a permanent address)
  2. If you were formally a Manitoba citizen
  3. If you were born in Manitoba.
  4. Following 1-3, we consider artists who have a connection to Manitoba and/or Rainbow Stage.
What is “Equity” and do I have to be “Equity” to be cast in a Rainbow Stage show?

Equity (Canadian Actors’ Equity Association) is a national association representing almost 6,000 artists working in theatre, opera and dance from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Equity negotiates and administers scale agreements and administrates engagement policies on behalf of their membership.
While Equity members do receive audition and casting priority, you do not have to be an Equity member to be cast in our shows.

What are General Auditions?

General Auditions are an opportunity for the Artistic Director to meet new musical theatre artists in the province, or for Artists who have not received a “Show Specific Audition” in the past to demonstrate their development.
Criteria: 16 years of age and older. All Equity and Non-Equity Performers will be seen.

What to prepare:

  • One song from a Broadway Musical (2 mins max).
  • One contrasting piece (2 mins max) that is either: a) contrasting song b) monologue c) dance (any style) d) play an instrument

An accompanist will be provided. Please prepare sheet music accordingly. For sung pieces, the use of our accompanist is strongly encouraged. A sound system will be onsite for playback of dance tracks via a device. No CDs please.
PLEASE NOTE: General Auditions do not guarantee you a Show Specific Audition. Stay tuned to our website and social media accounts for audition announcements, or subscribe to our e-newsletter by emailing jkohut@rainbowstage.ca

What are Show Specific Auditions?

Show Specific Auditions are the process in which we audition artists for the productions in our upcoming season.
All Equity and Non-Equity Performers are welcome to submit, however only those chosen by the Creative Team will be contacted to audition.
Creative Team: artistic director, director, choreographer, music director, accompanist and production administrator. Authors, assistants and/or apprentices may also be present at a show specific audition.
Rainbow Stage will provide artists with material to prepare for scenes and song selections.

What should I expect at an audition?

You will be given your own time to shine!
When you arrive, there will be a sign in sheet so we know you made it safe and sound. (If you are an Equity member – please be prepared to write down your Equity number)
We suggest arriving early (15 min) just in case we are ahead of schedule!
There will be a waiting area where you can focus.
We do our best to keep on schedule, however, you may be called in a little earlier or a little later than scheduled – this is normal! A Rainbow Stage representative will come into the waiting area, call your name, and you will follow them into the audition room.
Musical auditions tend to have a lot of friendly people in the room. The director, choreographer, music director and more may be present! They are all eager to meet you and to see you shine.
Rainbow Stage will provide an accompanist to support you while you sing, so please arrive with your sheet music (originals or cleanly laid out in a binder).
Following your initial audition, you may receive a “Call Back”, where you may be asked to prepare new material, attend a dance call and/or read a scene with another artist.
Occasionally, we may ask artists to audition in groups to hear how voices blend together.

What is a Dance Call?

A Dance Call is the opportunity for the choreographer to meet you and your skillset in the context of the world of dance and the requirements of the production.
Artists will be called in groups to learn a dance and/or movement combination.
Various skill levels are often needed, so everyone can have success!

What is a Call Back?

A call back is an opportunity for you and the creative team to explore additional material specific to a character. You may be asked to read a scene with another artist.

What if I live out of town and/or unavailable for the audition dates?

Rainbow Stage conducts auditions in Winnipeg, Manitoba. (In unique cases, auditions may be held in other centres.)
Artists outside of Winnipeg are welcome to come to the city.
In the case of unavailability, we provide an opportunity for you to submit a video audition (see “How do I send in a video?”).

How do I send in a video?

Rainbow Stage only accepts links to video auditions on accessible platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.
Please only provide what would be seen at an in-person audition.
Audition videos offer artists the unique opportunity to put their best take forward. So please ensure that the video you send is of the best quality and of the best you.
In rare occasions a director may ask for a re-direct at which point you would be required to put those adjustments on tape in a timely manner.
In unique cases, Rainbow Stage may engage an artist in a live video-conference audition (Zoom/FaceTime/Etc.)

What if I’m not over the age of 16?

If you are 15 years of age or younger, and the production call for children, Rainbow Stage provides opportunities to audition for a “Children’s Chorus” and/or “Child Performer”.

What is the difference between “children’s chorus” and a “child performer”?

As per the CTA, a Children’s Chorus shall be comprised of ten (10) or more children for a musical production. No child in a Children’s Chorus shall be over the age of fifteen (15). These children shall appear as a part of an ensemble where their role is essentially that of a member of the ensemble and is in no way individual in its character or necessary to the continuity of the plot. Persons in a Children’s Chorus may speak a few lines, sing or do a dance routine.
A Child Performer plays a part who is individual in its character or necessary to the continuity of the plot. ie: Annie in Annie.

What is a “Community Member” and do I qualify?

A Community Member is defined as a non-professional who is a bona fide member of the community and who does not intend to make a career in professional theatre (as per the CTA, Past Practice Activities).
Community Members may apply for an audition and will be considered for casting.
Community Members will be engaged without reference to a CTA Engagement Contract.

What should I bring to my audition?

For a General Audition, prepare what is stated in the audition notice. Bring sheet music clearly displayed in a binder (or original). Wear clothing that compliments who you are and allows you to shine at your best.

For Show Specific Auditions, prepare what is stated in the audition notice. Bring the necessary sheet music clearly displayed in a binder (or original). Wearing clothing that supports the role you are auditioning for is not required but can be helpful to some artists.

Shoes: Wear what is comfortable and safe for you. *sometimes specific shoes are required (tap shoes, character shoes).

Dance Call: Wear what is comfortable and safe for you to move in. *sometimes specific shoes are required (tap shoes, character shoes).

Headshots/Resumes: It is always a good idea to bring a copy of your headshot and resume to every audition. You may be specifically asked to bring them to a dance call. To reduce paper waste, Rainbow Stage uses digital copies as much as possible.

Water Bottle: Stay hydrated!

Should I shake hands with members of the Creative Team at my audition?

The Creative Team meets a lot of artists in one day. For the health of everyone, handshakes will not be permitted in the audition room.
A warm smile and energetic greeting is more than enough to make a positive impression.

What does “pre-cast” mean?

From time to time, a role will be cast before the audition notice goes out. These are rare cases, where Rainbow Stage – along with its creative team – have deemed a role and a specific artist compatible artistically with the addition of extraordinary external information (special skills, opportunity/connectivity, time pressure, availability pressure).

Do you provide feedback after auditions?

As a not-for-profit arts organization with a small staff, we do not have the capacity to provide personal feedback on individual auditions. We are happy to provide educational opportunities like the Actor’s Intensive and Free Community Classes and Workshops that offer the opportunity to hone your performance and audition skills!

How do I apply to be an accompanist for auditions?

Excellent question! Please see our Work with Us page to submit your interest in accompanying auditions.

What if I have a question that hasn’t been answered here?

Contact us at: submissions@rainbowstage.ca
We’d be happy to answer any other questions as our goal with this page is transparency and accessibility!