What are General Auditions?
General Auditions are open to Equity and Non-Equity Performers. Anyone is free to book an appointment to be seen by Artistic Director (me), if you send in your submission before the deadline, you will be seen! Performers are free to prepare and present a song that best shows off their vocal quality range, and acting ability. Performers are also asked to prepare and present one monologue that is appropriate to the Musical Theatre Canon. This is your opportunity to show yourself off at your best, under your own terms. The only criteria is that you be 16 years and older. General Auditions are not show specific, and typically occur in August
What are Panel Auditions?
Panel Auditions are adjudicated by the Directors, Choreographers, and Music Directors, Residents and Apprentices for our entire season – the Creative Team. All Equity and Non-Equity Performers are welcome to submit, however only those chosen by our Creative Team will be contacted with an appointment time to audition. The selection process will be based on the casting breakdown as set out by our Creative Team. Rainbow Stage will provide you with guidelines of what material to prepare, and what to expect (dance call, sides, specific song selections and so on). Panel Auditions are show specific and typically occur between October and December.
What if I live out of town?
Rainbow Stage conducts auditions in Winnipeg, and in Toronto.
What if I can’t make it to my audition?
If you are selected for a Panel Audition but cannot make it we will accept video submissions for certain shows. If you are given a callback from your video, we will arrange to do a live callback via internet video-conferencing.
Can I send in a video for my General Audition
We only accept video submissions for certain Panel Auditions; if you’re unsure whether or not you may submit your audition by video, email us at auditions@rainbowstage.ca for answers.
How do I send in a video?
Rainbow Stage will only accept links to video services such as youtube or vimeo. Bulky attachments, 16mm film, BETA or VHS cassettes, DVD’s, or USB flashdrives containing video submissions will be disposed/deleted of unviewed.
What if I’m not over the age of 16?
For legal and insurance purposes, we will only see children under the age of 16 for productions that require child actors. If the script calls for children, then so shall we (in a special children’s audition call)! Children’s auditions typically occur between October and December, with callbacks in March or April.
What should I bring to my audition?
All material that the audition notice stated should be prepared, your sheet music (in a binder), headshot & resume stapled back to back, dance clothing & shoes, water, and a light snack. I know it’s hard to believe, but we actually do want you to staple your headshot and resume! We receive thousands of headshots & resumes every year, and it becomes very difficult to keep track of loose bits of paper! Paper clips, plastic sleeves, duo-tangs, binder rings, tape, and any other method you can imagine to hold two pieces of paper together are not helpful. Seriously… staple your stuff…
Should I shake hands with members of the Creative Team sitting on the audition panel?
Take your cue from the members of the Creative Team – if they rise and offer a hand, shake it. If they greet you with a warm smile, but no hand is pro-offered – try to resist offering yours. Our Creative Team meets a lot of actors in one day and it is flu season after all…
Do you provide feedback after auditions?
As a not-for-profit arts organization with a small staff, we do not have the capacity to provide personal feedback on individual auditions. We are happy to provide educational opportunities like the Professional Actor’s Intensive and Free Spring Dance Classes, that offer the opportunity to hone your performance and audition skills!/div>
What if I have a question that hasn’t been answered here?
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