Creative Mentorship Program:

(Artist-in-Residence & Creative Apprentices)

This paid program pairs a mid-career Resident Artist and an emerging Apprentice Artist with the Director, Choreographer & Conductor of each show in the season with an emphasis on elements of artistic development and creation.

Having an education in theatre, or equivalent experience at the community or professional level is essential to the program.

You are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.  In addition to a resume, applicants must provide a letter of recommendation, as well as a letter of intent indicating their career goals, and how this Apprenticeship Program would help to achieve those goals.


Artists-in-Residence are typically engaged from October through August for the full season.
Residencies under the Creative Mentorship Program are active learning & teaching experiences; some of the duties of the Artist-in-Residence include:

  • Participating in casting at Panel Auditions
  • Contributing to the creation of the show to which they are assigned
  • Serving as mentor to Creative Apprentices

Artists-in-Residence for our current (2015) season are: Heidi Malazdrewich (Director), Kristen Sawatzky (Choreographer), and Paul De Gurse (Music Director).

Requirements: Resident Artists must have been actively pursuing a professional career in theatre for the past seven years and have a minimum of three creative team credits (directing, choreographing or music directing).


Apprentices are typically engaged for the duration of the creative process on the show to which they are assigned (Winter 2014 – Summer 2015). The time commitment varies depending on the nature of the apprenticeship. For some the time commitment is very light in the earlier stages of the process – less than an hour per week. However during rehearsals (May – July) it is expected that all Apprentices be in attendance at all rehearsals, meetings and public appearances.

Apprentices for our current (2015) season are: Tom Soares, Tatiana Carnavale, Teri-Lynn Friesen (Directors); Tyrell Witherspoon, Michele Shuster, Reanna Joseph (Choreographers); Rebecca Paulding (Music Directors).

Requirements: Apprentice Artists must have been actively pursuing a professional career in theatre for the past 4 years and have a minimum of one creative team credit as an assistant (directing, choreographing or music directing).


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