Artistic Vision


Rainbow Stage will be the centre for music theatre excellence in North America.


As Canada’s first-class not-for-profit music theatre company, Rainbow Stage produces imaginative and innovative works, develops and supports the world’s brightest artists and fosters a thriving and engaged community through a shared exploration of the music theatre arts.

Artistic Values

We practice diversity by showcasing the stories and talents of the many cultures, ages, genders, sexualities, physicalities, and abilities in our city and community through our artistic practice & collaborators; in doing so we create remarkable and rewarding experiences and relationships.

We celebrate innovation by exploring what is new and reimagining the familiar in order to create relevant and exceptional art.

We strive to be progressive by promoting, advancing and elevating music theatre as a hybrid art form.

We behave with integrity by collaborating with the best suited and most qualified music theatre practitioners, by taking calculated risks in our programing in order to present our artists with challenging & demanding repertoire, and by nurturing, promoting, and maintaining the highest standards of professional artistry.