Rainbow Stage is committed to The Accessibility for Manitobans Act and its accessibility standards.

This page contains links to a variety of helpful guides and information for all patrons visiting Rainbow Stage. To request a full copy of the Rainbow Stage Accessibility Policy, please email  boxoffice@rainbowstage.ca

Rainbow Stage is taking measures to ensure our website is more accessible. We are working through the challenges of reducing barriers online and improving the functionality of accessible online features. We appreciate your patience as we navigate the technical and financial aspects of this update.

Driving to Rainbow Stage inside Kildonan Park

Public Transportation to Rainbow Stage

Creating an Online Account and Purchasing Tickets Online

Purchasing Tickets Over the Phone or in Person

Visual Guide to Rainbow Stage Theatre in Kildonan Park

Rainbow Stage Guide to ACCESS 2

American Sign Language Interpreted Performances


July 15 – matinee performance


August 20 – matinee performance

Email boxoffice@rainbowstage.ca to book your seats in the ASL reserved section
(located in Orchestra Left, Rows 7-9 and 18-20)
Or call: 204.989.0888

The Rainbow Stage Theatre in Kildonan Park is fully accessible to patrons. There is a loading zone* directly in front of the theatre next to a paved sidewalk that leads to our front entry doors and box office.

Our paved parking lot is located on the north east side of the building. This lot is patrolled by employees hired by The City of Winnipeg. If you have handicap parking designation, they can direct you to the correct spaces in the lot. The lot also offers a paved sidewalk that leads directly to our theatre doors and box office. There is no step to enter through our front doors.

Once Inside The Building, Rainbow Stage Offers:

– Level ground access to concessions, bar, souvenirs, and washroom facilities.

– Wheelchair Accessible washroom stall in each bathroom.

– Wheelchair Reserved Seating (Row 13 Right and Left)

  • One companion may sit next to the guest in a provided folding chair while all other guests in your party can be seated in the fixed theatre chairs near by (Rows 12 or 14 Right or Left)
  • Row 13 offers two price levels to choose from (Prime Plus seating will be closer to center while Prime seating will be further to the outside of the row)
  • This seating is also available to guests who use power chairs or scooters.

– Other Accessible Seating

  • For guests who require fixed theatre seating but are unable to climb stairs, we recommend seats in Rows 11-15. These rows only require a guest to climb a maximum of 3 steps up or down.
  • Please note these steps do not have railings but if you require, we have volunteers and staff who are happy to assist you to your seat.
  • If you use a mobility aid, such as a walker, you may not always have room at your seat to keep it near you throughout your performance. Our volunteers can place it safely to the side for you and return it to you as needed.

*Please always be aware of the parking signage around Kildonan Park. Roads inside Kildonan Park are patrolled by The City of Winnipeg Parking Authority. Wheelchair Reserved Seating is not available for purchase online. Please call 204-989-0888 or visit a box office to book. At this time, the Rainbow Stage Diamond Lounge is not an accessible space and can only be reached by stairs. If you are interested in booking or attending an event located in the Diamond Lounge and you have mobility concerns, please contact boxoffice@rainbowstage.ca  for options.

Audio Described Performances

Rainbow Stage will be providing receivers for an Audio Described performance of RENT for patrons who are visually impaired. Patrons can access this feature for RENT on July 15th @ 2pm and THE LITTLE MERMAID on September 2nd @ 2pm !

Please contact our box office for ticket inquiries. (204) 989-0888 or email boxoffice@rainbowstage.ca


Relaxed Performances

Rainbow Stage is new to the world of Relaxed Performances.  Our unique theatre design comes with pros and cons when developing this style of event.

Our matinee performances offer a daytime lit, more relaxed feeling to the patron experience.  Performances beginning at 2pm are not bound by the typical lighting demands that a nighttime performance requires.  The daytime atmosphere also allows for easier navigation around the seats and theatre and many patrons may find that it offers them some comfort when attending.

Due to the location of Rainbow Stage, sound adjustments may not always be possible.

Some productions at Rainbow Stage will not fit the typical expectations of a Relaxed Performance.  The production and creative team will discuss the possibility of a relaxed performance for each production and patrons can contact the box office for further information. 

Please email boxoffice@rainbowstage.ca or call the box office at 204-989-0888 to book.


What is a Relaxed Performance?

A relaxed performance is designed to create a more welcoming environment for individuals who may be uncomfortable with the typical theatre atmosphere. The creative team and theatre staff may make some small adjustments to a production to create this relaxed environment.

Who are Relaxed Performances for?

Originally designed to accommodate patrons with disabilities, the relaxed performance setting has become popular around the world for patrons with Autism Spectrum disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, families with young children, first time theatre goers and really anyone who feels they would benefit from a more relaxed theatre experience.
Everyone is welcome to attend a relaxed performance! 

What is the difference between a Relaxed Performance and a Regular Performance?

Typically, standard theatre etiquette would mean keeping quiet and still during a performance. Most patrons attending a regular performance will be encouraged to wait until intermission or breaks in the performance before getting up to use the restroom, stretch their bodies, or make noise. During a relaxed performance, patrons will have the freedom to move around if they need. This setting also helps those who may make involuntary noises or movements feel more comfortable to be themselves. A relaxed performance also allows parents with children the freedom of knowing they won’t be shushed or asked to keep still during the performance.

The performance itself is unchanged, but there is a more relaxed attitude to noise and movement. Some things that may be adjusted to “relax” the performance outside of audience behavior are things such as: louder sound effects may be softened and some movements/scene changes may be slowed down to allow for easier processing by sensitive patrons.


Supporting Our Accessibility Initiative

Rainbow Stage will continue to train or staff and develop better ways to assist every patron.  All are welcome at Rainbow Stage and our goal is to create lasting enjoyable memories to be shared for generations.

As a not-for-profit organization, Rainbow Stage accepts donations to assist us with building, developing and expanding these accessibility standards and events.

Click here to find out more about how you can donate to Rainbow Stage’s growing accessibility initiative.