Update May 16, 2018

Registrations are now closed for the 2018 Musical Theatre Conference For Students.
Thank you to all who registered, we’ll see you at beautiful Kildonan Park!

UPDATE - May 4th, 2018

Due to a recent withdrawl, 40 spots have opened up for Thursday, May 24!

There are still 20 spots available for Wednesday, May 23


We will not be adding an additional day to the conference this year.


Thursday, May 24th of the Musical Theatre Conference is now SOLD OUT! We have added a ‘wait list’ option to the registration form. On Monday March 26th, 2018 we will begin releasing any unpaid spots being held on reserve to those on the waiting list.

Additionally, due to this unprecedented response (last year we were not sold out until April), we are now looking into the feasibility of adding an extra day to the conference. This potential additional day is earmarked for Tuesday May 22nd, but this is not confirmed at this time. We will keep you posted!

There are only 40 spots remaining for the first day of the Conference – Wednesday, May 23rd. For those who have not signed up and were planning to attend, please sign up or join the waiting list today!

Don’t miss the Musical Theatre Conference


Rainbow Stage in Kildonan Park


Wednesday, May 23 and Thursday, May 24, 2018


9:00 am – 2:15 pm

Cost per person:

$8 per student per day

Registrations Are Now Closed.

Email any questions to: Jeffrey Kohut, Education Developer, education@rainbowstage.ca


Great West Life

Musical Theatre Conference

Rainbow Stage will once again be hosting our annual Musical Theatre Conference for Students! Geared toward middle and high school aged students, attendees choose and participate in four of eight unique sessions that cover many fundamental aspects of “putting on a show”. Attending students also receive a voucher for a free ticket to our 2018 summer production of Beauty and The Beast!

The first two years of the conference introduced students to a multitude of departments that all work together to produce a musical. From producing and stage management, to production and performance, participants were given insights and resources pertaining to each department’s role, professional process, and career opportunities.

This year we are taking another small step forward with our theme: Building Confidence. 

Our aim for this year’s conference is for students to learn skills and tactics that build up their confidence and equip them for success in their theatre work, and how to apply their new found knowledge and insights to their daily life and future career choices.

May 23-24, 2018 at Rainbow Stage in Kildonan Park

2018 Conference Sessions:

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1. Singing With Style
 In this session students will learn about the basic ways a vocalist can manipulate their voice for various effect. How does a rocker rock? How does a popstar pop? Students will be introduced to the basic anatomy of the vocal instrument, where different vowel sounds resonate, and tricks and tactics for adding character, style and effects to their natural voice. Students will walk away with insights and tools for how to control their voice and manipulate it for different situations in theatre and life.
2. Creating A Character
CREATING A CHARACTER – Male Chorus Dressing Room
 In this session students will learn and apply the basic tools an actor uses to create a character from the feet up and the inside out. How does an actor employ the use of posture, movement, tempo and other basic acting principles to create a character that is logical, dynamic and transports the actor into the complete world of another person? How does a character’s emotional landscape affect their physical landscape? Students will walk away with insights and tools for how to project themselves appropriately for different situations in theatre and life. After all, all the world’s a stage…
3. Principles of Design
PRICIPLES OF DESIGN – Female Chorus Dressing Room
 In this session students will learn and apply the basic tools that designers use to create dynamic and effective stage environments. Whether designing for sets, lights, or wardrobe, the same vocabulary is often used: Color, Shape, Line and Direction. Designers must learn to work collaboratively and be great communicators so their work meshes well with the other team members, resulting in a cohesive final product for the audience. Using a miniature model exercise, students will be put into small ‘design teams’ to create a moment in a show that incorporates all three main design elements. Students will walk away learning how the model process promotes efficient, affordable, effect team work in theatre and life.
4. Props 101
PROPS 101 – Carp Shop How to make smart, simple, crafty decisions when prop-making is always required. What do you do if you can’t find or borrow an item? How do you make something on a shoe string budget and there is no time? In this session students will be put into prop making teams and given a prop challenge to make. With the guidance and support of the session’s instructors and using the materials provided, students will learn tricks of the trade, basic do’s and don’ts, and tried –and-true methods for effective and affordable prop-making. Being thrifty and crafty is not only required in theatre, but in this day and age – it’s a life requirement!
5. Auditioning Effectively
 How to audition is an art form unto itself. Research, preparation, controlling your nerves and audition room protocol are just a handful of components required to nail your audition and get the part. In this session, instructors will walk students through the entire process using Beauty and The Beast as the audition scenario. Students will learn how an actor identifies the part that suits them best, how to prepare, basic do’s and don’ts and tactics to help minimize their nervousness and maximize their impact. The life parallel is obvious here. In order to get a job, one is likely going to have to be interviewed or ‘auditioned’. Students will walk away equipped to take on any audition room or board room.
6. Directing Defined
DIRECTING DEFINED – Front Of House What is a director and what do they actually do? This year, we will take our first steps into the world of a director. But understanding their role in full is only a part of the picture. How does one prepare to work with a director and what do they expect from me in rehearsal? Are all directors the same and how does one know the difference? In this session students will meet and engage with real life directors to get answers to these questions and more. Working in small groups, and with instructor’s guidance, we will look at real life rehearsal interaction between the director and the actors. Students will gain key insights and communication skills for being able to direct actors and understand how to be directable. In life, you are going to have to work with others. Communicating your idea in a positive and collaborative way and getting your teammates or coworkers to ‘buy-in’ is not only the cornerstone of a director’s job, but a necessity for those in leadership positions in every area of life.
7. Creative Choreo
 For every ensemble member in a musical number there are well-defined choreographed moments and there are moments where a performer is asked to ‘fill the gaps’, ‘do their own thing’ or ‘put their own spin on it’. In this dance-based session we will address both these aspects of choreography. Students will learn creative choreography from our instructors and be given insights on how to break it down, stay with the group and make it their own. It is said that 93% of communication is non-verbal. Learning how to use the body and mind to communicate thought and emotion is not only essential for the musical performer, but an absolute necessity for success in life.
8. Carving A Career
CARVING A CAREER – Outdoors or Center Walkway (rain contingency) 
 We’ve all heard the clichés before. ‘Live your dream’, ‘shoot for the stars’ and ‘you can be anything you want to be’ are just a few of the ways we hear that anything in life is possible – and it truly is. However, without knowing how to break down a dream into a strategic plan of action will most often result in stagnation, frustration and loss of confidence. In this session students will be lead by instructors through a process of strategic planning for achieving the biggest of their ambitions. How to break down a dream into achievable goals, identify assets, resources and needs, and create a strategic plan that boils down to ‘what needs to happen today’ should have students leaving this session inspired to dream big and confident that they have the ability to see it come to fruition.

Registrations Are Now Closed.

How To Register

Step One Download the PDF registration form, fill it out completely and email it to our Education Developer, Jeffrey Kohut at education@rainbowstage.ca

Step Two
 You will receive an email from Jeffrey Kohut, acknowledging receipt of your registration form and invoice (if required). Your spot(s) will be reserved at this time. Directions will then be given to you on how to submit your payment to our Executive Assistant, Jessica Holt.

Step Three Upon confirmation of payment, Jeffrey Kohut will notify you that your registration is complete and your spot (s) are confirmed. PLEASE NOTE: 
Sending in your registration form does not guarantee your spot(s) at the conference. We will reserve your spot(s) until March 23rd, 2018. If we have not received payment by this date, your spot(s) will be made available to those on the waiting list. Last year the conference sold out well in advance. To guarantee your spot(s), send in your registration form and payment at your earliest convenience.

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