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Actor’s Intensive

Stay tuned for dates and info on the 2018 ACTOR’S INTENSIVE!


The 2017 Actor’s Intensive featured professional, paid and free training for local established and emerging musical theatre artists.   New this year was an open application process! (3) Applicants were selected for paid training, and (8) Applicants were selected to audit and participate free of charge.

Please note: Paid training spots are typically allocated to more established professionals, with special consideration given to performers who will be appearing in upcoming Rainbow productions.

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This year’s Intensive explored the theme: Inner and Outer Connection. Participants experienced sessions in yoga, meditation, jazz technique, choreography, acting, improv, voice, diction and career management, led by this year’s incredible instructors: Sam Manchulenko, Sharon Bajer, Cory Wojcik and Paula Potosky.

The Rainbow Stage Actor’s Intensive was originally founded in the spirit of ‘spring training’ for artists who were cast in upcoming Rainbow Stage productions. In March 2018, Rainbow Stage will be participating in the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in-concert presentation of A Chorus Line at the Centennial Concert Hall. This year’s Intensive drew from the themes and content of that musical.

A Chorus Line features true to life characters that are forced to be real, vulnerable, honest and brave, as they each tell their stories. This year’s training helped all involved to connect inwardly and outwardly in order to gain the awareness, skills and confidence to deliver truthful and impactful performances in their upcoming productions.


Nafro Dance Centre, 109 Pulford Street
Monday Nov. 20 – Friday Nov. 24



Brittany Hunter , Stephanie Sy, Catherine Wreford


Carol-Ann Bohrn, Alyssa Crockett, Zoe Gotziaman, Toby Hughes, Laura Kolisnyk, Montana Lehmann, Jane Testar


  • Sam Manchulenko: Yoga & Meditation, Jazz Technique & Choreography
  • Sharon Bajer: Acting: From Feelings To Freedom
  • Cory Wojcik: The Improv Mindset
  • Paula Potosky: Voice & Diction


It is difficult to summarize the overall impact this Intensive has had. We were each asked to go deep within, observe and accept our fears, our limitations, our barriers; be it emotional, mental and physical, and move forward with a clear mind, a clean slate and with more internal connection. For all of us, it was a daunting challenge at the outset.

With the support of the group and the leadership of this incredibly skilled faculty, many life changing experiences were had. We came out renewed, restored and with an arsenal of new tools that will help us create more impactful performances and experience a better overall quality of life as artists and human beings.

I have never felt more passionately that this type of training and education is crucial. The skills and experiences gained at this Intensive are exactly what I feel artists need to survive and thrive in the business. They are not only important for the development of artistic excellence in our performers, but also imperative for the stability of the arts in society.

-Jeffrey Kohut – Education Developer – Rainbow Stage

TESTIMONIALS – 2017 Participants

(This Intensive) has changed my life. This past week, I spent 40 hours developing so many facets of my craft as a performer. To work like this, with a group of artists and superior instructors has pushed me to new places I’ve never experienced before as an actor, singer and dancer. I am so immensely grateful to you for providing with me this experience. I feel very rich as a human.

I found strength I didn’t know I had. I really pushed myself and I can handle more then I expected. It has encouraged me to continue my training and given me hope for my future.

An amazing cross-pollination of different performance techniques. Combined with a stellar and diversely talented ensemble it really helped me explore new limits in technique and also share with other artists about “the craft”

As dramatic as this sounds, these last couple of days truly have changed my life. I thought that it would be more of a refresher, but I learned more tools to carry with me than I have in years of being in the business. The lessons taught by our instructors were so simple and so effective. I’ve really found a new and fresh appreciation for this art form, that I truly needed, and I just cannot thank you enough for allowing this to take place in our community.

This intensive was life changing. The amount of work and love we were able to put into it has made me realize that theatre is my passion and would not be happy doing anything else. The community is so strong, and being able to make these connections at a place like this is so beneficial to everyone involved.

I feel very fortunate to have participated in this Intensive, and I feel very grateful to you for making this possible. The instructors were all very talented and passionate about teaching. I feel confident in thinking this experience will have a lasting positive influence on me. I found that this program was the perfect amount of challenge, while surrounded by supportive and caring people.

It has truly been a life changing week for me. It has given me a renewed outlook and love for my career and art. I feel so honoured to spend this time in such a supportive and community oriented community atmosphere where I have grown so much, not just as a performer artist but as a human.

I feel so grateful to have been a part of this amazing Actors Intensive. I value every piece of training I have received this week but more importantly, I feel blessed to have had this amazingly creative experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


As a non-profit organization, Rainbow Stage relies on fundraising and charitable gifts to grow and develop our educational programming. Please consider making a one time or monthly donation to keep this and other Education and Outreach programs alive and help them thrive. Donating is simple and you can do it here. You’ll also receive a charitable tax receipt! If you are a musical theatre performer and interested in this type of professional training, please apply for future Actor’s Intensives or express your interest to: